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[VIDEO] Judge Gives Brutal Wakeup Call Disgustingly Irresponsible Welfare Queen

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In a disgusting example of just how entitled some welfare users have become, one woman has gone viral for demanding that “somebody needs to pay for all [her] kids.” We should add that she has 15 of them.
Fortunately, one judge isn’t having any of it.

Angel Yulee Adams has been given more than her fair share of handouts. People have paid off her debts for her, given her a six-bedroom house rent-free, and more. But all Adams seems capable of doing is complaining. When she was in court she proved just how ungrateful she truly is, demanding that the people who helped her get out of her life and demanding more assistance.

This is the same woman who once went viral in a video saying that somebody needs to fund her motherhood.
“No, you pay for your own kids and stop having more,” one commenter insisted. And others followed suit.
Judge Sheehan had heard enough and decided to give Adams a much-needed lecture.

“A lot of people have gone way extra miles for you,” Sheehan said. “Do you understand that?”

“No comment, your honor,” Adams replied.

“Hear what I’m saying,” the judge told her. “Reach out your hand to these people instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth and asking for more, more, more.”



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