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Trump Hating Welfare Leech Boasts About “Raping The Government” For Food Stamps [VIDEO]

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During his eight years as president, Barack Obama allowed millions of people to go on welfare and freeload off the hard work of American taxpayers. Now that President Trump is in office, there is a renewed effort to push as many people as possible to go out and get jobs. That’s a big relief for people who are tired of watching moochers abuse the system for their own gain.

Recently, Conservative Tribune reported on a video showing a Brooklyn welfare abuser bragging about not having to work. She then continues on in a disgusting rant about how ‘awful’ the government is.

“F*** the government,” the woman, who is a mother of three children, tells the camera. “F*** Trump. I’m gonna rape that s*** sitting on my a**. What you gonna say? Welfare b****? Food stamp b****? Well, welfare b****, food stamp b****, still got more than you, b****, and you working 9 to 5, b****!”

 This woman is just one example of the entitled mentality that has spread like a plague throughout the United States. Welfare fraud has become remarkably common. In the state of Massachusetts alone, an estimated $13.7 million in welfare benefits were obtained fraudulently in 2015.

“These cases included individuals or groups defrauding the state of public assistance benefits like food stamps (SNAP), child care services, health care benefits, and cash assistance,” state auditor Suzanne M. Bump said in a statement last year.

Watch the disgusting video below and tell us what you think.



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