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Scott Walker Might Have The Reason Why ABC Canceled “Last Man Standing”

ABC decision to cancel the hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen left the conservatives shocked. Many are speculating that ABC canceled the show because they didn’t wanted do endorse a show promoting conservative ideology especially in world which Donald Trump is president.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker shared a tweet about the cancellation on Thursday. The tweet linked an article written by John Note for The Daily Wire that tried to explain the reason for the cancellation of the show.

“(Tim Allen), Looks like ABC is playing politics with your show despite decent ratings. Sad,” Walker wrote.

The article said that ABC is owned by Disney, a “rabid left-wing company” run by Bob Iger, who is loud supporter of the Clintons for years.

“Through his character, the politically conservative Allen has poked fun at Hillary Clinton, political correctness, and the Left at large,” read the article. “Worse still, he has created a popular, sympathetic and likable television personality who holds the beliefs and values our entertainment and media elites want to tell us can only belong to Nazis.”

ABC didn’t have a real reason to cancel the show since it was very popular and it was making a millions of dollar for them.

Anyhow, the “Last Man Standing” show is being canceled because the liberals fear that a show like this might make people realize that being a conservative is perfectly fine, while liberals are the ones who are with the problems.

So let’s hope that some other network will take “Last Man Standing” so that this incredible show can continue from where it stopped.

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