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Officials Horrified After Walking Into Democrat Congressman’s Office And See What’s Hanging On Wall

The America system of government is structured so that if a politician gets out of line, we can reel them in and fix it. Other than occasionally waiting for the next election and replacing him, this rarely ever happens though. Those that we elect are supposed to go and do what we ask of them, but in many cases, they just say what needs to be said and then do whatever they want, regardless of the voter’s feelings.

It would be especially horrible if a congress person were to idealize and applaud something that would do great harm to Americans, but that’s what some are doing. Rep. Lou Correa, a Santa Ana Calif. Representative is in hot water after his constituents caught onto what he put on display in his office. Their outrage is understandable, considering the war that this country has been fighting for almost two decades now.

This congressman had his offices deluged with requests to clean up his act, as well as getting some heat on social media by other political figures after word got out about his choice of art work. The newly minted Rep decided to prominently hang an image that depicted a twisted version of Lady Liberty in traditional Islamic garb.


“A Democratic congressman is taking heat from Sarah Palin and other conservatives for a painting hanging in his California district office that depicts the Statue of Liberty as a Muslim woman.

We the People Rising, a conservative-leaning activist group, was among the first to object to the painting in Rep. Lou Correa’s district office in Santa Ana, Calif., arguing it violates the separation of church and state.

The group, which advocates for tougher immigration laws, has asked Correa to remove the painting, which is a finalist in the Congress’ annual student art competition.

Palin entered the debate Monday with a tweet about the controversy.

‘Statue of Liberty’ Painting Found In Congressman’s Office, Then America Spots Something Unusual,” Palin said in the tweet that included a retweet on the issue from the Young Conservatives group.

Correa, a first-term congressman, has no plans to remove the painting, saying the Office of Legislative Counsel sees no legal issues.

‘You take it in the context of a lady, probably a Muslim American — with all that’s going on, she’s a proud American,’ Correa told The Orange County Register, which first reported the story.

There may be “proud American” Muslim women, but if they’re proud it’s because they’re finally in a country who’s laws defend those same women from the abuse that their religion allows. Islam is legal in the United States, and they’re perfectly welcome to cover however much of their person that they desire. They’re not allowed to taint our symbol of freedom and democracy that way. Let’s face it, Islam is one of the things that caused those “huddled masses” who are welcomed to our fair nation by Lady Liberty.

(Fox) “This is not the first time a submission from the art contest has stirred controversy. In January, a painting depicting police officers as pigs, from Missouri Democratic Rep. William Lacy’s district, was removed from a Capitol Hill hallway where submissions are displayed.

We the People Rising has posted two videos on its website in which members go to Correa’s district office on July 3 to ask that the painting be removed.

‘You guys have a picture out in front of your office with the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab, which I find reprehensible and disrespectful,’ one of the members tells a staffer in the first video. ‘I would like to request that you remove it.’

The staffer says the theme of the art contest was ‘Faces of America.’ He also said the controversial picture is among all of the finalists hanged in the district office and that the winning submission, which is displayed on Capitol Hill, honors WWII veterans.

The second video shows the group confronting Correa on the issue outside his office, just minutes after the meeting.”

I can completely understand a little Muslim kid wanting to see something familiar on the symbol of American freedom. It makes sense that they would want their culture and our culture to combine in perfect harmony. None of this would be offensive at all if the culture that requires the garb they put on Lady Liberty is also a religion that requires those who wear it to kill us for not converting.

I grew up with a stay at home mother who loves to cook, can you imagine the outrage if my congress person were to have a photo of Lady Liberty up in his office with an apron and spatula in her hand? The feminists would be outraged, I would be degrading the fabric of society and pushing women back hundreds of years. And yet, a picture of the symbol of freedom wearing the symbol of hatred and female slavery is ok.



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