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Corrupt Robert Mueller Leaks Court Sealed Information To The Press!

Seems like Robert Mueller has no plans to cease his corrupt and criminal activities whatsoever. Just last night, Mueller leaked court sealed information to CNN, making it very clear that he does not intend to take responsibility for spitting at the Constitution time and time again.

Last night we found out from the CNN leaked information that the Mueller investigation filed charges in the ongoing investigation into President Trump and the far-fetched possibility that he colluded with Russia during 2016. According to a report by CNN:
A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday, approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter. The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge.

Mueller’s career is now swarmed with numerous investigations and scandals of epic proportions and probably crimes that he did not meaningfully investigate, which is why there has been a lack of arrests or consequences in any form. These kinds of actions resulted in the Clintons and possibly the Obama administration gets away with their illegal activities.

By not upholding the law in cases such as these, Mueller has created a two-tiered system of law in the US- Laws for everyone else, and laws to preserve and protect the power-hungry political elite.

His acceptance of the lead role in the Russia investigation is yet another indicator of his criminal tendencies and corruption. According to many, it’s obvious that there is a conflict of interest here, and even liberal publications have called Mueller to step down as special prosecutor mainly because his conflicts of interest in the investigation were getting more and more obvious.

It’s very clear that he took over the investigation just to cover up the FBI investigation into Uranium One.  You would think that a person with even a sliver of integrity would have seen the conflicts of interest and stepped down from the position.

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