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Former Muslim Tells Liberals That “Tolerance” Will Get Them All KILLED

It’s no secret that the leftist liberals believe themselves to be champions of peace, love, tolerance, and equal rights for minorities and women. In reality, they are the exact opposite of all of those things. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a woman’s rights activist. You’d think she would be aligned with …

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Thugs Attempt To Rape A Young Girl But End Up Getting Shot By Grandfather With Shotgun

Once again a “good guy” with a gun, stops “three thugs” with guns, and luckily the “good guy” was able to protect his family against a home invasion and protect his 19-year old granddaughter from being raped. The incident began when 67-year old Kenneth Byrd answered the door, around 10 …

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BREAKING: Republican Senator Drops MASSIVE BOMBSHELL About Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch

Chuck Schumer should come to his senses for the good of the country. He is a notorious deal-maker, especially when there is something in it for him, so there is no good reason for him not to make a deal with President Trump. Except for politics. Take health care. We …

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HEADS WILL ROLL: This General Just Told Trump A Secret That’ll Put Obama Behind Bars!

Obama should be guilty of the espionage act, or at least that is what Lt. Gen. Thomas Mcinerney weighed in on Devin Nunes and his bombshell revelations from this week. He says that the Trump team was definitely spied on by the NSA/CIA and says that it wasn’t Russia-related. The …

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Tucker Carlson Can’t Sleep After This NSA Agent Told Him The 1 Thing That’ll Bury Obama Last Night… TRUMP IS CHEERING!

Holy crap! This is huge. This guy came on Tucker Carlson last night after spending 20 years at the NSA and spilled the beans on the entire organization. If we hadn’t won this election, think about how bad this country would have been. Watch what former NSA agent Bill Binney …

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Photo Of Personal Check From Obama’s Bank Account Proves He’s A Traitor!

Someone who works at the National Federal Employee’s Credit Union in Washington DC has taken a great personal risk to release a picture of a check processed through the bank, written by none other than former president and traitor to his country, Barack Hussein Obama. The check was written to …

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OMG! Trump Supporters Get JUMPED At A California Rally, What Happened Next Was UNBELIEVABLE!

A pro Trump rally in Huntington Beach turned violent when liberal protesters crashed the event. 1,000 Trump supporters took part in a “Make America Great Again” March to show their support for our president. Everything was peaceful until a group of around 40 protesters decided to start trouble. Dressed in …

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James Comey Is TOAST! What Was Just Uncovered About Our FBI Director Will Officially END HIS CAREER!

FBI director James Comey is in some SERIOUS trouble and for good reason. This week, Comey testified before Congress over Trump’s wiretapping claims. When asked if Trump was under surveillance by the Obama administration, Comey assured Congress that those allegations were false. As it turns out, James Comey lied. The …

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WATCH: Muslims In THIS U.S. City Chant ‘DEATH To America”

Donald Trump was right about the national security threat posed by the massive influx of Muslim immigrants into the United States. Protests like the one he referenced during an early GOP debate are indeed happening in America, the news media is just failing to report it. Less than two years …

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