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Breaking: Germany To PROSECUTE Obama — Learned Of SICK Thing He Did!

The news this week has been full of reports on the former golfer-in-chiefs sneaky antics that are finally catching up to him. We learned that he set up wiretaps to try to entrap trump before the 2016 presidential election. That is blowing wide open with evidence piling up against him, and …

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ATTACK OF THE DRONES: Trump Just Launched The Drones! Look Where They Are Flying Now…

Attack of the Drones! The United States has begun deploying attacking drones to South Korea. They are dong this because North Korea has increased their nuclear and missile programs. Gray Eagle Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are permanently stationed at the Kunsan Air Base – which is 150 miles south of Seoul. …

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Obama’s Nervous After What Trump Just Did

Obama is up to his dirty tricks again. The difference this time? We have republicans in power who can expose his nefarious activities and put a stop to them. Like this scandal, the GOP just broke wide open. If you hadn’t heard, the Obama administration funneled billions of dollars into …

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Paul Ryan Suggests New Health Care Bill’s Tax Cut For The Wealthy Is No Big Deal

3k 350 House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday said he’s “not that concerned” about criticism of the wealthy getting a tax cut under the GOP’s new health care bill. Fox News host Tucker Carlson told Ryan it’s “kind of a hard sell” to argue the wealthy should get a …

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BREAKING: Clintons ROCKED By Stunning Arrest…Democrats PANIC!

There’s something wrong with 20-somethings. There, I said it. As a man in his thirties—not that much older than the college-aged millennials making news—I am shocked to learn how this group is behaving. Maybe it’s something in the water.  Or something in the TV shows they watched as kids.  Perhaps …

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Canada Wanted THEM, Now They Are Facing SHOCKING New Problem — Trudeau Is SCREWED!

On November 8, American citizens elected a president who promised to keep their nation safe. President Donald Trump has vowed to bring an end to radical Islamic terrorism, a threat that is sweeping the globe and endangering millions of people. A major cause of the spike in violence, rioting, and …

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What Meryl Streep Said About Trump Supporters Just Ruined Her Career

Meryl Streep Hillary Clinton supporter Meryl Streep was shocked to hear that Clint Eastwood prefers Donald Trump. She just had to step in. “I’ll have to speak to him,” Steep told Variety in an interview. “I’ll have to correct that! I’m shocked. I really am. Because he’s more — I would …

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